Digital art

I have utterly and completely forgotten to update my blog.  So sorry.

Anyhow, here is some pictures of my recent works. I’ve been practicing digital drawing/painting quite much lately:

First one is Doomsday Lolita. I drew it based on a picture I found from Tumblr. All apologies is a commission. And Superheroes are gift for a friend (they’re not for sale  as in I do not own rights to these characters).

DoomsdayLolitaAll apologiessuperheroes



Kitty cat and Xena 2.0

I have utterly forgotten to update this blog, sorry.

Here is finished Kitty cat. I only have to add my signature and I can leave it to dry in peace. This paintings size is app. 70 x 120 cm. (In life colours  are less reddish.)WP_20151130_010

I’ve been continued Xena every now and then when I haven’t had anything else to do. You may notice I’ve made some changes such as anatomy corrections and outfit changes. I found  the dress being kind of unpractical for warrior princess: it reveals too much skin as in it makes her more vulnerable in the battle. And same thing was with crop top.xena

Kitty cat and Xena

So, this is what I have been doing lately:

Painting a kitty cat with oils…


and practising digital drawing with photoshop. As you can see it’s in progress.


Well she has been pumping iron.

Dragonfly painting

After getting the dragonfly almost ready I moved on to work with the background. I masked the dragonfly with masking tape and Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Marker. Then I started airbrushing. I like the smooth and blurred outcome which is easy to create with airbrush. When the background was finished I removed the tapes and finished the painting. (First three pics are taken with cellphone, sorry for the lack of quality.)

in process

in process

in process

in process

in process

in process

Finished painting

Finished painting